Benefits of Printed Brochures

DI Brochure3

Despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives, printed brochures form an integral part of the traditional printed marketing collateral. If you pack them full of interesting photos, company-specific information and provide solutions for your customers, they are still an effective tool.
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We just gave our company capabilities brochure a little up-do. Although we know all of the information within its folds can be found on our website, this serves as a good take-away, leave-behind and insert with finished orders. Here are some other reasons printed brochures are standing the marketing test of time:

  • Brochures help capture the attention of potential customers, especially in the case of small businesses that are on a tight budget.
  • They’re pocket-friendly! Advertisements on magazines and newspapers get lost in the shuffle and that space is shared by several businesses competing for public attention. This makes it a challenge to really get noticed among the competition.DI Brochure1
  • Therefore, brochures get the undivided attention of all potential customers who browse through them.
  • They are versatile pieces of printed information that can be used for promoting almost all types of products and services, and in different venues: front lobby table, trade show booth, slip inside the box with a finished order, include inside a product catalog, etc.
  • Effective marketing campaigns are all about customer interactions, right? Brochures are simply just another way to interact with customers and generate leads for the sales teams to follow up.

So don’t be afraid to give your company brochure a little up-do, too! And when you pop in to our shop – grab a couple to have on hand and give to a friend who could also use promotional products, screenprinting or embroidery!

DI Brochure3

Keep Promoting!

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