Customer Spotlight: Nine13Sports

There are just some customers out there that when we work with them, we can’t help but think, “Man. We really hit the jackpot with this partnership.” And that has nothing to do with the amount of product they order from us, and all to do with the positive relationship plus overall mutual understanding that helping local businesses/organizations spread their mission is what keeps our community healthy, helpFUL and thriving.

Nine13sports in one of those organizations to us. They’re friendly, they’re gracious, they’re ALWAYS willing to refer our services, and most importantly…they are working their tail ends off making a difference in our community. Check this out…

We think this part of their mission totally rocks: “In addition to individual betterment of health and fitness, our programs promote community, teamwork, and mutual respect for one another designed to foster a lasting impact.” Right on, you guys.

Executive Director, Tom Hanley, is a true leader and role model for the kids and adults alike. We are honored he took the time share what inspired his organization, and what he does to make sure they are touching more lives every day…

“Before Nine13, I was an elite cyclist who was fortunate to race both nationally and internationally. In June of 2010, I was a passenger on a bus that ran a red light and collided with another vehicle. In an instant, my life changed forever. My best friend was killed and I walked away with 2 broken vertebra and a brain injury and was fortunate to be alive. My cycling career was over and I was unsure of what I wanted to do next. As I recovered, I decided I wanted to create something to serve youth and bring the joy of bicycles to others, and that was the early catalyst for what became Nine13sports.”

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 How do you find promotional products valuable for your organization?
Nine13sports: Nine13 is a sponsor focused organization, and as such, often has needs related to branding and customization that will satisfy our sponsors. Additionally, as we’ve grown, we have focused on brand impact and awareness of our brand; all things that DI has helped us with and put us at a level that surpasses many other organizations of our size.

Distinct Images: What has been the most popular or fun promo product you have done at Nine13sports?
Nine13sports: We love tshirts. We love seeing out brand and our sponsors on adults and kids with quality apparel. So for us, soft goods have been our gold standard for happiness.


Distinct Images: Have you seen a increase in brand awareness due to your distribution of promotional products?
Nine13sports: Absolutely. For us, our brand being out there on soft goods creates a constant visibility for new engagement.

Distinct Images: What types marketing strategies does Nine13sports use year-round to keep the name circulating and increase awareness of your services?
Nine13sports: We love social media and have found it to be a key asset in our growth. Kids Riding Bikes always looks good in a photo, and we aren’t shy to share that!


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Personally, what makes you the most proud about working for Nine13sports?
Nine13sports: I love seeing my team bring smiles to faces of youth every single day. The bicycle is a magical machine that can create laughter, pride, joy, and define success for thousands of youth and it’s a privilege to be part of that.

Keep up with Nine13sports on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Keep Promoting!

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