Groduk & Boucar

Margaux Hauduc and Océane Carbou began their collective “Groduk & Boucar” whilst they studied engraving at École Estienna in Paris. Originally they were making silly comics about their school life and peers. They went on to complete screen print internships together at SDW Neukölln in Berlin and Jérôme Arcay’s workshop in Paris.

Since working together they feel that the illustrations they create are more like movie scenes – the act of creating a set together where the atmosphere and background story are very essential.

In their recent project “Minigolf” they were invited by Slow Galerie to build an exhibition during the 2017 sport themed Graphic Design Festival in Paris. Being inspired by pop culture and reminded by their childhoods and holidays on the beach, they wanted to show the graphic potential the cheap sport could offer. They imagined their own mini golf course in a variety of 18 prints and paintings, with different surroundings, cosmic and mineral like terrains were a theme throughout. Playing with scale and vibrant colours they aimed to keep a sense of mystery in each piece.

In 2015 they collaborated with 6 other friends and illustrators to create their one and only fanzine “Cosmic Dog”. It tells the story of a dog being sent into space as an experiment. Both Margaux and Océane found it interesting to see how different characters evolved and stories developed according to each illustrator. Their dream is for “Cosmic Dog” to become an animated cartoon in the future.

One of their favourite projects to work on was “Murder in the Pool”. Experimenting with both screen print and etching they were able to visually explore their ideas in several ways.

The range of prints were based on the story of Palm Hill neighbourhood where strange murders have been committed between 1991 and 2006. Owners of four luxurious villas were found dead, floating in their pools. At first they made a print called “Murder in the Pool” to act as a teaser of the series they planned on developing. Building a fancy neighbourhood full of villas in a video game, they took screenshots to inform the series of prints. A friend who goes by the name “Motherlode” worked alongside them, creating a soundtrack inspired by the prints to accompany the music video that Margaux and Océane also produced. To complete “Murder in the Pool” they created a series of etchings named “Premeditations” which approaches the project with a more realistic view of the events.

Having just moved into a new studio together in Paris 20ème, Groduk & Boucar plan to offer workshops in screen print in the future.



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