4 Ways to Screen Print Numbers on Garments

Team sports offer screen printers a unique opportunity to develop a real niche printing numbers on garments. But landing repeat business means getting a consistent print that players and fans feel great about wearing.

Ryonet recommends four different approaches to printing numbers, starting with the most cost-effective and going to the most production friendly, so you can get the results you need.

Approach 1: Number Stencils

Stencils are made of die-cut paper, placed directly on the garment. A screen is burned with a square space left in the middle—allowing the stencil to create the number on the garment.


  • Economical
  • Easy to switch out


  • Limited consistency and production speed


  • Align your stencil carefully for a precise print

Approach 2: Heat Transfer

Heat transfers are a straightforward process using a heat press and pre-printed numbers. Simply place the transfer on the garment, line it up and apply the heat press for 12 seconds. If you don’t have a heat press, you should definitely consider investing in one, as it’s a versatile piece of equipment.


  • Economical
  • Fast
  • Easy


  • Requires a heat press, although it is a good investment


  • Carefully peel the transfer from the garment, like a hot peel

Approach 3: Vinyl Plotter & Heat Press

You can also create your own transfers, using heat transfer material and a vinyl plotter to cut your own numbers/stencils and weed them out. The rest of the process is completed in the same way as approach 2.


  • Ideal for sports teams
  • Ideal for short runs
  • Soft, flexible feel with vinyl


  • Slightly more time consuming, but great for number and name combinations


  • Carefully peel the transfer from the garment, like a hot peel

Approach 4: Screen Printing Number System

A registered number system is the best choice for screen printers who expect to do a lot of number work. It allows you to consecutively print 1-2 color numbers in registration while in screen printing format.


  • Best quality
  • Most cost-effective per print
  • Faster production time


  • Requires a one-time investment, which soon pays for itself


  • Visit screenprinting.com to check out Ryonet’s number systems

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