The Secret to Making Beautiful Gelatin Prints

Gelatin printmaking is a low tech printmaking process that can give you beautiful prints with out needing a big press or printmaking studio.

Gelatin plate print of horse by linda germain

The printmaking secret is:

  • willingness to let go of control
  • ability to embrace the uniqueness of the gelatin process
  • decision to make many prints
  • learn to keep what you like and
  • build on your strengths

This gelatin printmaking process is quite different than many printing techniques that require a printing press. It is:

  • spontaneous
  • immediate and
  • unpredictable

If these are qualities that describe you, your art making process or even something you admire, then you may want to explore gelatin printmaking.

gently hand the gelatin plate

It is printing on a plate of Jello®. But you don’t want to eat it!

The gelatin is a soft and malleable surface that can hold the detailed impressions that you make in it with tools like, paper stencils, real grasses, and head held tools like potato mashers and bubble wrap.

If you would like some help getting started with the process or help finding your voice and developing control, then you are in luck.

The next session of Make Monotypes, the 4 week online printmaking course starts May 15th. Read the details on the printmaking workshop page and ask me any questions. I would love to share this printing process with you.

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