2 Resources to inspire Gelatin Printmaking

If you are new to the process of gelatin printmaking then please check out my small gallery of gelatin prints. I hope you will be inspired to ask questions, and want to try the process yourself.

gallery of gelatin prints by linda germain

The other resource that will help you get a feel for the process of making monotypes with the gelatin plate is to watch some of my You Tube Videos about printmaking without a press.

printmaking videos by linda germainMost of them are very short and actionable. You could watch the video a couple of times and then try out the printmaking technique presented.

I am hoping that you will like what you see and be inspired to add gelatin printmaking to your skill base.  If you want more help and instruction then mark you calendar and join us in this year’s session of Make Monotypes, the 4 week online gelatin printmaking class. 

Class starts May 15th. Read all the details on the printmaking workshop page.

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All about prints

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