Print Club London | Blisters 2017 Submission Call

Naturally, we’re huge fans of Print Club London. Print Club London is one of the leading printing collectives in London featuring an assortment of hugely talented print artists and print technicians alike. They’re currently holding the 6th edition of Blisters, their screen-printed poster exhibition and it’s going to be be bigger and better than ever! In addition the show will also include the exciting launch of Print Club London’s first book ‘Screen Printing the Ultimate Guide – From Sketchbook to Squeegee’ published with Thames & Hudson. Print Club London present their submission call for this exciting exhibition, read below to find the details and how to submit!

Blisters: Paperback Edition – The Brief

This Year, it’s ‘Blisters: The Paperback Edition’ based on BOOKS and will be an entirely hand-pulled screen-print show. Grab inspiration from your favourite book, favourite author or even a favourite line from an iconic book.

1. Submit a poster in your own style inspired by your favourite book, favourite author or a favourite line from an iconic book

2. The catch is that, you cannot use the name of the book or author! Use of other text is allowed of course, but this should stand alone as an image/scene/typography

3. Most importantly, your work must be COMPLETELY new and original for this project and never seen before! We will not accept any submissions that are displayed anywhere else, including personal blog or portfolio.

4. The artwork specification – It needs to be in B2 format (500 x 700mm) but, can be portrait of landscape.

5. When sending the low-res file please ensure it’s saved ‘YourName.jpeg’ and you state in your email the book/author/quote your design is inspired by

6. Submissions must be sent as a low-res .jpeg file to and the deadline is Friday 5th May 2017

Successful submissions will be allowed to use Print Club London’s printing space for free! Selling at £50 a pop from a range of 50 talented artists, Blisters 2017 will most certainly not one to be missed.

Submissions must be sent as a low-res .jpeg file to and the deadline is Monday 8th May 2017.


Q: If I have book artwork that I’ve used for previous projects, can I reprint this?
A: The artwork for your submission should be original. If there are elements from previous projects this is fine but the submission should appear to be new as a whole.

Q: Does the “poster” need to contain text or type?
A: No, this is up to you. “Poster” is the format size paper and the term we use to describe this. You can either:
1. Create artwork that is composed of an illustration or design inspired by a book, author(s) or line from a book
2. Submit an entry composed entirely of a typographic design (as long as it does not mention the book title/authors name)
3. Mix the two!
Q: If I have several designs, can I submit more than one?
A: You can submit as many designs as you like!

Q: When the artwork is printed and signed, do we also need to put a title to it? For example; The book title, author name or not, as it might give the game away?
A: We haven’t decided on this yet. Just email us your entries and let us know your inspiration for the artwork!

Q: How much of that goes to the artist?
A: It’s a 50/50 split between the artist and Print Club London. The artist will receive 50% commission as will Print Club London

Q: What happens to prints, which remain unsold?
A: All prints are sold via Print Club London on our online gallery after the show.

Q: Do they remain the property of the artist or of London Print Club?
A: They’re owned by the artist/designer, but we retain the right to be the only seller of these prints as they are from a show we have curated.

Q: If ownership remains with the artist, can the artist resell them elsewhere – for example, through independent shops?
A: No, the prints can only be sold via Print Club London

Q: If the artist is not producing the prints themselves will Print Club be producing them?
A: The artists are liable for the printing the work. They can use our studios for free if they know how to print! If artists are unable to print, they can ask Tuckshop our bespoke printing service who, will offer a discount for all Blisters artists. This Year we’re sponsored by G.F Smith who are supplying all the paper for the show
Q: Who owns the rights to the image?
A: Artists always own the rights to their work. However a rule of Blisters is that the work cannot be reproduced at a later date as another screen print or giclée

Q: Can the artist/designer use the imagery for, their own products again?  For example, using the imagery for t-shirts, greetings cards etc.
A: No, we ask that the image to be just for the show. This is what makes it ‘limited edition’ and this is a key part of Blisters.



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