First Friday – Pop UP ART @ Wingate


Today, I was working with Debbie Shirley, friend and awesome painter of signs, cars and food from unusual angles. Check out her painting and prints at

We were getting ready for the POP UP art boutique that is happening this Friday and Saturday at 21 Wingate St #104, Haverhill, MA. (The Creative Haverhill Space)

wingate street haverhill POP up art
Join 9 local artists, shop and visit other local businesses as well.

We would like to give a big thank you to Melinda Barrett of Barrett’s Specialty Foods for posting and sharing the information about the POP up Art Boutique in her storefront. So if you are enjoying the Better Block Activities and the O+ events it will be a natural flow to come to the POP up Art shop as well.

Melinda Barrett helping spread the word about POP up ART on May 5 and 6


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