Rope Press

Rope Press are a specialist publishing house and risograph printers based in Birmingham. Set up in May 2013 by artists Reece Kennedy and Elyse Jinks as a Not-for-Profit, Rope Press have delivered one of the most comprehensive risograph printing and book binding services in the country along with running a unique publishing programme; the Open Publishing Fund.

The Open Publishing Fund was created in 2016 to support and promote artists’ work and is a totally unique fund in the UK. It is open to submissions from artists, publishers and organisations to submit proposals for books, zines and print projects, accepting projects from creatives of all disciplines – comic book artists, designers, and writers.

Rope Press have recently launched a new online retail platform ‘Artist Super Market’ which promotes a variety of products created by artists and publishers. ‘Artist Super Market’ will be available online and as an app before becoming a physical store later on this year.

With plans to move to a new location in the city and develop a new project space, Rope Press will be exhibiting at the DIY Market in London and Toronto Artist Book Fair.



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