Be inspired by patterns that surround you

Here is a challenge for you.

Fabric samples to inspire tools for printmaking

  • Look around your house and notice the patterns in your wall paper, fabrics, books, pillows and things
  • Pick one pattern that speaks to you
  • Grab a pen and draw the pattern
  • Don’t do an exact copy, BE YOU. Embrace you line quality
  • Now you have a drawing that could be used to make prints

drawing made into a stencil for printing

You could make a masking stencil like I did and then make some gelatin prints. Or maybe the drawing will become a thermofax screen, or a template for a trace monoprint.

You get to decide.

If you would like to get more quick actionable steps and explore gelatin printmaking with me and several other artists, then join us in this year’s session of Make Monotypes, the 4 week online gelatin printmaking course. Read all the details on the printmaking workshop page. Class starts May 15th.

Gelatin print with masking stencil

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