Maria Razo’s artwork at UNT’s Marquis Hall

UNT Printmaking alumna and artist Maria Razo recently donated a painting to UNT International in hopes of inspiring the UNT community to celebrate the beauty of Mexican culture.

Maria Razo attended UNT as an international student and studied Printmaking at the UNT College of Visual Arts + Design.

Razo incorporates a mixture of “nature imagery and indigenous Mexican culture” to create vibrant prints that beautifully represent her heritage.

Classic Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera inspire Razo’s artmaking, but she also admires the work of contemporary street artists like Neuzz.

A global citizen herself, Razo has lived in various places in Latin America and the United States such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico City, and Florida. She hopes her art will inspire Denton to recognize the beauty of Mexican culture and be proud of it. 

You can view Razo’s piece “La Tierra Que Nos Vio Nacer” in Marquis Hall.

from UNT Printmaking Blog


from Blogger


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