Rain, Rain – go away or not

Here in New England we are experiencing a rainy Mother’s Day. It is disappointing for some. Does it have to be?

see the beauty in a rainy day

But we could just roll with it and embrace the things that we can not change. Could you?

  • Notice how it is turning everything green and lush
  • Jump in puddles with your grandkids
  • Photograph the reflections in the puddles
  • Close your eyes and listen to the rain

Being with the rain creates opportunity to feed your art practice.

patterns inspired by rainy day

I always get ideas for:

  1. Patterns
  2. Shaped stencils and
  3. Layered images

If you would like to give yourself a mother’s day gift and start to let your environment feed your art practice, then join us in the 4 week gelatin printmaking course that starts tomorrow – Make Monotypes. Read the details on the printmaking workshop page.

collage of gelatin prints by linda germain

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