We may have already experienced the best of our English Summer, or perhaps it’s just around the corner.. who knows. However, a brand getting in the spirit of such an idea is AH/OK. Born in May 2015, AH / OK is the independent brand created by designer duo Claudia Carieri and Francesca Errani, both former work mates based between Milan and Como. Their collection has seen a new introductory piece this year, a top, a natural evolution of AH/OK kimono: loose sleeves, boxy silhouette, relaxed fitting. A piece that fits different sizes and is conceived as a white cloth for emphasising the patterns.

Heavily focused on prints, pattern and colour, AH/OK introduce Bloom a series of four different motifs on four pure cotton tops, plus a lightweight, versatile sarong in cotton veil. High-quality prints with an excellent definition were created using fingertips instead of brushes, tracing spontaneous and instinctive signs, colour spots composing an abstract garden. It’s colour palette teases the idea of summer with its lemon yellows, golds, greens and touches of ice blue and aquamarine.

What we find the most exciting is the teams relentless passion to experiment, creating timeless, meaningful items of clothing that are going on to redefine contemporary prints that adorn clothing, this talented duo are certainly ones to watch out for!




from Blogger http://lamurdis.blogspot.com/2017/05/ahok.html


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