Watch and learn how to make the Gelatin Plate for Printmaking

There are lots of different recipes for making the gelatin plate for monotype printing. And you can even skip the process and buy a commercially prepared plate.

gelatin print made with found stencils

If you are new to this site, then you can get my free recipe for making the glycerin and gelatin plate here.

gelatin plate for printmaking

I realize that making the plate is a barrier for some people to get through, so

  • I am going to include how to make the plate in my
  • demonstration this Saturday,
  • May 20th 1PM to 2PM at
  • the Artists Playground
  • The Tannery, Water St
  • Newburyport, MA
  • The demo is FREE, just reserve your space 978-462-5366

Gelatin printmaking is a spontaneous and unpredictable process that can produce beautiful layered images.

multi colored gelatin monotype print

Watch the video below to get a peek at the tools, the process and some prints.

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