Sublimation Printing Process

Sublimation Printing Process

The sublimation printing process is like modern day magic.  When you watch how a blank fabric can be almost instantly transformed into a wearable piece of artwork, it’s hard to think otherwise!  The sublimation printing process is a form of digital garment printing, but it’s not like Direct to Garment printing, another well-known form of digital garment printing.  Direct to garment printing uses inks and prints onto the surface of a garment as though it were a piece of paper in a desktop printer.  Dye sublimation printing is so much more than that!

As you can tell by the name, dye sublimation uses dyes instead of inks and those dyes are heat reactive.  The sublimation printing process all starts with the artwork getting printed out of a sublimation printer using those heat reactive dyes.  The image is printed onto a transfer sheet which will then be positioned onto the blank fabric in preparation for the transfer.  Together they are put into a heat press which applies high heat and pressure for a brief period to enable the transfer.  It is in the press that the ‘magic’ happens!

Sublimation Printing Process

The special dyes will convert from a solid directly into a gas and the pressure will force that gas to bind with the fibers of the garment below.  Unlike ink printing methods, the dye only binds to the fibers and leaves the miniature air holes in the weave unobstructed, which allows for great breathability.  Additionally the dye is permanently infused into the garment so you won’t see cracking or peeling from your prints wash after wash!  So if the sublimation printing process has intrigued you enough into wanting to try it out yourself, you can come to AMBRO Manufacturing to have it done!  You can easily contact us to place an order, or to find out more about us and our customization services, by email or by giving us a call at (908) 806-8337.




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Sublimation Printing Process

Sublimation Printing Process


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