Sources for old books

As I am preparing my new class, Book as ART Materials, I am discovering new sources for old and unwanted books.

 make art with old books

Independent Used Book Sellers

These local book sellers often have boxes of books that are too old to sell or otherwise headed for the recycle bin.

I found 2 kind book sellers who were willing to let me take books from there recycle pile.

Never 2 Many books – 58 Pulaski St. Peabody, MA – I found a box full of old books that I can use for book making art projects – Thank YOU!


Well Read Books  – Rte 125, Plaistow, NH – Offered me to look through and take some of the books that were on the way to the book recycling project Rolling Thunder

I know that most of my readers do not live close to these book sellers, but I bet that you have similar types of bookstores in your area.

old books make great art materials

It makes it a lot easier to cut up a book if you got it for free or very inexpensively.

Use old books to make art

Some good sources for nearly free old books:

  1. Yard Sales
  2. Friends garages and basements
  3. Small independent used book sellers
  4. Local libraries

What to look for in an old book?

  • Cool covers
  • Interesting End pages
  • Old notes
  • Fades pages
  • Drawings, music, foreign language
  • Embossed words or designs

Click here to read more about the Books as ART Materials workshop here on the information page.

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