Fruitlands Zine

Female-led publication Fruitlands Zine is one of few that is slowly beginning to encourage the world to appreciate and recognise the DIY, un-photoshopped and natural, stories images and written words. Promoting itself as a irreverent blend of fashion, art and critical theory, Fruitlands Zine continues to carve a new place in the world of publication design. A little more info on the name, Fruitlands team explain that “Fruitlands’ was a utopian commune that opened its doors in 1843 with the following aims: residents ate no animal substances, banned artificial light, held property communally and used no animal labour. It – perhaps predictably – did not last the icy Massachusetts winter. So why call a magazine after a huge failure? They asked. Because we stand by our ideals and ethics, even if it doesn’t always work.”

It’s written style is sophisticated and clear, compiled with beautifully stark photographic editorials that explore the refreshingly naturalness that is so lost in typical fashion magazines. Perhaps this is achieved by their openness to external contributors, effortlessly sourcing content from across the globe giving their readers an exciting, challenging and very real read.

Juxaposed with a variety of mediums such as art, poetry, photography and others, Fruitlands tells a unique story in its own right from cover to cover. Each issue is tied under with a theme, it’s third issue so we’ve been informed is the exploration of the theme Dark. This relates to the recent political turmoil, the merciless attacks and further topics such as nightlife, nightmares and fetishes. We’ve excited to see what these guys produce in this next issue, we’ll most definitely be keeping an eye out for it.


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