Ready to Be Inspired?

Recently, I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment in Boston. It was a new adventure for me, train travel, subway and city navigation. But it was a sunny day and I was open to the adventure.

granite wall at boston's Children's hospital

The granite wall of the Boston Children’s hospital caught my attention. After my appointment I crossed the street and got a closer look. It is a grayscale garden in granite. According to this article it was created with a sandblasting technique.

Nature in the City at Boston Children's Hospital

Mikyoung Kim Design is the designer of the playful graphic. The idea is “Playful nature in the City”

dragonfly at Boston Children's Hospital

One reason I was so taken by the image is that I am working on a image for a collaborative book. The theme is What’s in Your Garden? I am an apartment dweller and enjoy other people’s gardens.

sandblasted granite wall at Boston Children's Hospital

I like:

  • simplified silhouettes
  • lots of layers
  • monochromatic images

I have been noticing the cast shadows on the road of my daily bike ride. I was thinking about layering this cast shadows of roadside vines, flowers and weeds into “My Garden.”

I had been imagining something very similar to the granite wall at the Boston Children’s Hospital. I love the complex layers and the way it draws the viewer in for a closer look.

I think I will use a camera to capture my silhouettes.

Are you ready to capture inspiration that crosses your path?

I hope so.


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