You hit what you focus on!

It became clear to me that I hit what I focus on, especially while bicycling on a gravel strewn road.

bicycling monotype by linda germain

Monotype print with Akua Inks based on a cast shadow while cycling.

Every time I stared at the rock that I did not want to hit, I hit it! And when I focused on the space around the rock, then I went around the rock. Hmmm?

I thought this was a very cool revelation. Of course we know all the goal setting and self help books talk about focus, but I got to experience the powerful effect of focus instantly.

foam plate monotype print by linda germain

Soft plate relief prints in process.

For example, as a worked by these prints there was a lot that I did not like. Things were just not coming together. I was not super happy about the colors and shapes.

But I did like:

  • the lighter ghost impressions,
  • light orange and yellow
  • some of the dark squares
  • simplicity of some of the prints

I was able to piece it together and come up with a print that I like.

soft plate relief prints by linda germain

I suggest you try it and see if you “hit” what you are focusing on.

For example:

  • In your art making, are you looking at what is wrong and what is not working? Does that same problem keep showing up in your work? Experiment and try focusing on what is working in your prints and see if anything changes.
  • Or try the bicycling and rocks experiment. See if changing your focus changes anything.

If you would like to explore soft plate relief printing, like the prints above, then check out the details on the printmaking workshop page. Class starts August 7th.


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