Separate the Making from the Critiquing

Have you read Dean Nimmer’s book Art from Intuition?

Dean Nimmer ART from Intuition

I met Dean at Art New England and what a pleasure to meet such a happy guy. His class was called the 100 Drawing Challenge.

His students made stuff! Lots of Stuff. It was all about the process of making.

studios at art new england

Studio at Art New England
student work 100 drawing challenge

Student work – Dean Nimmer – instructor – ART New England

Dean Nimmer art work

Dean Nimmer – work in progress at ART New England

I was inspired by this philosophy of making. I check out the book from my local library, and I am jump starting my process with some of the exercises.

relief prints in progress Linda Germain

Prints of Discovery – part of the process

So often we can get caught up in the print needing to be something,

  • be good,
  • be sellable or
  • be something other than what it is.

I think this can be especially challenging for printmakers because often things can not be undone. With a painting you can paint over a mistake, or with a photo you can take another shot.

mark making tools with relief prints

Experimenting with mark making tools

This is one reason why I like the term mixed media printmaker. It opens the process up to drawing, collaging, painting and more. I think it creates a freedom to explore the printmaking process with fresh eyes and endless possibilities.

A Challenge for You

  • Separate the making from the judgmental critiquing for a week
  • Set up your space with inexpensive supplies to create a sense of freedom
  • And Make stuff in your own process
  • Thinking and the critical voice will come up, but notice the voice and let it go.
  • Then several days later, lay out your work and admire it.
  • Look for things you like, things you discovered, things that you want to expand on.

I bet this process will feed your practice and take your art making to new heights.

If you would like to explore soft plate relief printing with this kind of attitude, then you are in luck. The online printmaking class start, August 7th. You still have time to join us.

Check out the full description, supplies and FAQ’s here.




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