Love your Library – Free ART lessons

I love my Haverhill Public Library – free books, free AC on hot days and just loads of resources.

Jason Asselin Mural at Haverhill Public Library

Jason Asselin Mural at Haverhill Public Library

I always check the library first when I hear about a book that I just have to read. And usually I can get it from the library first and find out if I should buy it.

Danny Gregory Books at the Haverhill Library

For example, I am exploring Urban Sketching and was able to get all of these books to inspire my learning. I love it because I can quickly leaf through the pages and get an instant feeling for whether or not the author’s teaching style it a match for my learning style.

I was particularly inspired by ART before Breakfast by Danny Gregory, and One Drawing A Day by Veronica Lawlor.

I used the books to learn to see shapes and try to learn to capture the energy of people on the street in basic shapes. I also used long distance photos to simplify the shapes, as a learning tool.

people sketch

I am pleased with my progress.

urban sketch by linda germain

I noticed how shadows anchor and give weight to the figure.

urban sketching by linda germain

Using photos that are quite a distance away simplifies the challenging shapes.

Go to your local library and get inspired.

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