T Shirt Discharge Printing

T Shirt Discharge Printing

Have you ever heard of custom T shirt discharge printing before?  If you haven’t then it probably sounds like some kind of unsavory way to print, but I promise it’s not!  T shirt discharge printing is a printing method that lets you get ultra soft prints that feel like they were always a part of the fabric!  So if you are interested in beginning your own T shirt discharge printing project, or if you want to know more about it, stick around and let me tell you!

So let’s answer the main question: what exactly is discharge printing?  Discharge printing refers to a type of water based ink screen printing that uses a special discharge agent mixed into the ink to remove existing color from a T shirt while you deposit your desired color in its place.  In layman’s terms, the ink discharges the color of the shirt out but leaves its own pigment and that’s how you get your print!  Since water based inks are much thinner and penetrate deeper into the fabric, the resulting print is much softer than plastisol inks can accomplish.

T Shirt Discharge Printing

Another great way to use T shirt discharge printing services is for all over T shirt printing because printing over seams is no problem for this type of ink.  When you have all over print coverage it can feel weighty if done with plastisol inks so you’ll love how lightweight water based and discharge inks feel with an all over print.  So now that you know more about T shirt discharge printing, are you ready to try it out for yourself?  If so, you can easily place an order with us, or find out more about AMBRO Manufacturing and all of our customization services, by email or by giving us a call at (908) 806-8337.




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T Shirt Discharge Printing

T Shirt Discharge Printing

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