Carolyn Gavin: A 60’s Flower Child

Carolyn can be described as a flower child from the 60’s. She grew up in South Africa and left to travel around Europe, and then moving to Canada. Trained to be a graphic designer, she learned painting techniques from artist Nina Campbell-Quine and nowadays works as a painter, illustrator and surface pattern designer. Carolyn started an eco-friendly paper business with her family in 2007, named Ecojot, which is currently directed and designed by herself. She also freelances for her agent Lilla Rogers Studios where she designs fabric, house wares, packaging, books, kids bedding and much more.

Carolyn’s vibrant, fresh, colourful and playful style attracted big clients such as Anthropologie, Botanical Garden Centre (Harvard) and Unicef. Using mediums such as water-colour, markers, Gouache, pen and ink, she’s always looking at the world around her for fruitful inspirations specially in travel, nature, patterns, vintage, magazines and her daughter Lily. During her free time, she practices yoga and work in the garden.

Carolyn currently lives in Montreal with her husband, daughter Lily and English Bulldog Ziggy.

Find more about Carolyn’s work here.

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