Studio Rufus

Our Directory is how People Of Print came to be, a library that linked designers, artists, studios, collectives and many more creative outlets together to form one huge creativity community. A recent submission, who’s verbal wit not only made us chuckle but it also revealed itself very successfully through in his projects. Jens Versprille a.k.a. Studio Rufus is a Belgian AD slash graphic designer specialising in the building, renovation and destruction of identities. With a penchant for primitive yet primal graphic communication, Studio Rufus was his first big love and is still a hit almost 15 years later.

Creatives give themselves many titles once they’ve soured through their career. Art Director, Graphic Design, collector of weird object in Versprille’s case, not to mention a fanatic wildlife Photographer. As any passionate animal activist would, in his free time he dedicates himself to teaching at Luca School of Arts performing lectures on stuffed animals as a bonus.

Anyway, Studio Rufus us back in business and to celebrate a triumphant return, the founding father is pulling out all the stops by creating 15 inspired, celebrated and paid projects. Getting another small peek into the working mind of Studio Rufus, generating more witty, satirical, inspiring pieces of work for many to come.


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