Get a Jump on the Athletic Season with 7100 Performance Pro™

7100 Performance Pro

Conquer Performance and Athletic Fabrics with

7100 Performance Pro™ Series!

Are the new performance and stretch fabrics giving you print nightmares?  Simplify your printing process with International Coatings’ 7100 Performance Pro Series inks. Performance Pro™ was designed to print on 100% polyester or poly-stretch combination fabrics and can be used on automatic and manual printers.

7100 Performance Pro™ inks have a built-in bleed blocker as well as extra stretch properties, making them the perfect inks for those hard-to-print athletic, compression or wicking garments.

7100 Performance Pro™ comes in 18 colors as well as a mixing base.

7100 Performance Pro 3

7100 Performance Pro 2Performance Pro™ inks offer a smooth consistency for ease of printing on light or dark fabrics.

For ultimate bleed blocking on highly volatile fabrics, use Performance Pro™ inks in conjunction with 7043 Guardian Gray™.

Try 7100 Performance Pro™ today!

Contact us or visit for more information.


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