3 ways to get out of an ART slump!

I think making art is like a roller coaster ride. I have great ups and downs.

Here are 3 three ways to get yourself out of an art slump.

old book covers to make artist books

  1. Call an art friend and tell her you are in a funk.
    • Sometimes is helps to just get the words out of you.
    • I think it releases the burden and opens you up to moving on.
    • Pick the right friend.
    • If you just want to be heard and validated, don’t call someone who always tries to fix your or one ups you with trouble.
    • Then play with art materials for 20 minutes.
    • See what happens.See shapes and lines to make better prints
  2. Do a 10 sheet challenge. 
    • This gets you making stuff fast.
    • Get 10 pieces of paper.
    • Any kind of paper will do. It might depend on your medium, paint, ink, wax, thread whatever you usually working.
    • Gather just 3 or 4 tools and start printing, playing, painting, collaging, sewing, again whatever you do.
    • Make marks on all 10 pieces at once.
    • Move back and forth between the pieces.
    • NO JUDGMENT – just doing.
    • Claim as much time as you can for this challenge.
    • Tack up you pieces – walk away.
    • Later come back and admire.
    • If you feel better = success.
    • If you have 1 or 2 that you like = success. Gelatin plate prints by linda germain
  3. Try something new. This one is fun! But know yourself. Are you always buys new tools and never using them?




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