Ranar DX100 Infrared Tabletop Belt Dryer Assembly: No Instructions 50% Fast Speed Motion

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Hattie Clark

Yorkshire-based freelance illustrator Hattie Clark’s energy is infectious not only through herself but clearly showcased in her playful style of illustration. After studying her Art & Design Foundation diploma at Leeds College of Art, Clark attended Bath School of Art and Design where she gained her degree in Graphic Communication. It was in Bath that her passion for illustration really came to the forefront. Since graduating, Clark has been working as a freelance illustrator, building up work and projects whilst also exploring and developing personal ideas and prints.

Her work is pretty simple with a bold colour palette and lots of fun! Working mainly by hand, Clark feels like it’s the most natural process to adopt when creating her characters and scenes. “I love handmade methods as I think I can inject a lot of life and personality into my illustrations – something that is always an aim for me!” Clark says.

You can find fun her little characters diving around the page, who are inspired by a range things such as everyday life, people she observes, articles she’s read or sport. Currently, she’s continuing to experiment with a series of Risograph prints which you can purchase from our marketplace — Department Store! Shop below too.


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Olga Casanova

Characterised by minimal shapes in the form of explorative composition collages is the work of London-based visual artist Olga Casanova. After studying Interior Design and recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, Casanova worked for years in the digital design field. She soon swapped this for print.

Casanova tells us about the years before and during university, she was very much a ‘digital’ person, “I spent many hours creating artworks looking at the computer” says Casanova. Then one day, during her 5 months visit to Barcelona last year, her mind and body asked her to take a break from the cold, harsh glare of the computer screen. Casanova eagerly began to get in touch with nature and this influenced her way of working. Nature and her more specifically her environment and experiences inspired her to explore organic shapes and understand how beautiful simple compositions and patterns can be.

Thanks to this change of mindset, Casanova explored other ways of creating without using a computer. She discovered how much she loved working with her creating collages and transforming them into prints through the process of printmaking. She now openly admits how much she enjoys playing and experimenting with simple shapes, using her hands to move each element around on the page until she gets the right balance within the composition.

Olga is an official People of Print Member. Want to know how to apply? Click HERE.

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