Performance Wear with No Scorching

Performance wear has become very popular for both athletic wear and casual wear, but decorating it can be a challenge. Our value priced performance tee is your solution. It is a performance wear with no scorching using a low application transfer. The Performance T-Shirt Choice Port & Company’s Performance Tee, style PC380, is 100% polyester […]

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4 Reasons Even Simple Corporate Clothing Can Benefit Your Business

Branded corporate clothing – a uniform, in other words – is used by many businesses for a number of reasons. Most large chains require a uniform of some kind just to reinforce the company’s brand, and project a single, unified front. For other businesses, uniforms serve an altogether more practical purpose, keeping employees warm in a cool warehouse, for instance, or safe while working amid hazards.

Whatever the reason, we think the point can be conceded that uniforms benefit businesses. And they don’t need to be costly to do the trick, either. You don’t need tailored, bespoke suits for your employees just to convey professionalism; often, a quality t shirt printing company in Toronto is all you need to reap the benefits of corporate clothing. That’s where we at R&P Prints come in! As if you needed any extra convincing, here are four reasons that even basic corporate apparel, like t-shirts, sweatshirts and active wear, can have a grand positive impact on your business.


From general qualities like the type of clothing you choose or the colour you choose it in, all the way down to the specific logo you put on it, every choice you make for your corporate apparel can be a branding opportunity. We’ll take the quick example of a golf shop that uses green grass a lot in its motifs (that is, in its branding and its store design). Your company apparel might be a green polo or golf shirt, to reinforce this motif; or, if you didn’t want to overload your brand with green, you would choose a neutral colour, like white, for the shirt, with a simple green logo. Whatever you choose, corporate clothing is a great way to reinforce your brand by making your logo, info and colours visible to people.

Company Pride

Uniforms are often a powerful expression of company pride, a clear indicator that employees align themselves with the company. Even the humble t-shirt, when worn by a group of employees, conveys a unified workforce. If you want to learn more about your options for t shirt printing in Montreal or Toronto or Ottawa, get in touch with us about bulk orders. We offer a wide array of products – t-shirt and otherwise – that would be perfect for company uniforms.

Employee Incentive

One good reason that corporate clothing benefits a business is that it incentivizes the job. Employees don’t have to worry about spending money on their own clothes for work, because they know they’ll be provided with a uniform.

Projecting Professionalism

As mentioned, uniforms convey a unified workforce, which is as important for optics as it is for company pride. This Chron article sums up the influence of uniforms on professionalism very succinctly: “Consider the visual impact of military, medical and public safety uniforms, which allow the public to immediately identify individuals who are doctors, nurses, police officers and soldiers… an over-relaxed or casual dress code can translate to an over-relaxed, casual attitude toward performance.”

Safety & Security

Finally, corporate clothing benefits a business by improving security and, in some instances, safety. A uniform allows everyone at a business, security forces included, to determine who works there and who doesn’t, discouraging intruders and making it simple for employees to congregate in the case of an emergency.

These are just a few of the great reasons for implementing a corporate clothing policy. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level with a slick, quality new uniform, contact us to learn more about our amazing products and screen printing services.

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The Summer Rock Poster & Pop Art Event

Collectionzz is having another big flash event called The Summer Rock Poster & Pop Art Event. They’re selling over 60 gig posters and pop art prints ranging in price and variety. Bands include Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead and lots of Coachella Festival poster, from artists such as Emek, Sperry, Welker, N.C. Winters, and more.

Some of the highlights include uncut/cut Pearl Jam progressive proofs for their 2013 Portland and Wrigley concerts by Emek. Plus, they are donating a portion of the proceeds to the Chris & Vickie Cornell Foundation, which supports charities that assist at risk youth. Go to for more information!

On sale Friday, July 20th at 2pm Eastern (11am PDT) HERE.

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Zhong Xian

Zhong Xian is an artist, freelance illustrator, animator and new People of Print Member based in Taipei. Studying in philosophy at university, most of her works focus on conveying emotions as well as including philosophy ideas and human experience in her illustration and animations. The sense of wildness, nature and pure are the features of her works, she also always put a sense of humour and irony in her works.

The majority of Xian’s work is short gif images with a short animation titled “EAR” being the first complete amination she made in 2017. This particular animation Xian tells us, focuses on conveying the true emotion.

The second aspect of Xian’s creative work is her illustrations. ‘The Things I Want to Say is…’ is her most recent project and features a series of illustrations interpreting human’s feeling while they are in a relationship. Our society can sometimes brand emotions such as anger, jealousy and insecurity as negative emotions which people shouldn’t show, however, it’s natural to feel this way. Through combining human features as symbols of animals and plants, Xian hopes to tell her audience that all we have been through and felt, are as natural as nature.


Do you want to become a People of Print Member? APPLY HERE.

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DESIGNER – maja rönnbäck

Maja Rönnbäck is a Swedish surface pattern designer with a love for simplicity, who designs bold, playful and vibrant patterns in a clean Scandinavian style. She has just started a collaboration with Happywall, a Swedish company with years of experience of selling wall murals online. At the moment seven of Maja’s patterns are available as wallpaper at, and more designs will be

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NEW WORK – the tiny garden

The Tiny Garden Design Studio has just updated their catalogue with new designs. Their fab selection of brand new desi​gns include floral prints, conversational prints, kids designs, geometrical and seasonal prints. The Tiny Garden is looking to collaborate with statinery companies, kids and womenswear companies, home decor companies. If you are interested in collaboration and would like to

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Decorating 9 Can Coolers in Seconds

Can coolers, also known as Koozies, are one of the most popular promotional products distributed. Primarily because they are inexpensive and used most often my consumers. According to PPAI, 91% of people keep promotional products in their kitchen. Consumers now even have dedicated Koozie drawers to make sure the right can protection is available at […]

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What Pairs Perfectly With A Beer Festival? T-Shirts!

Summer means many things to many different people – but for beer enthusiasts, summer is all about the suds, and there’s no better place to enjoy a variety of local craft brews than at a summer beer festival. And it’s not just the die-hard beer fans making the trek out – it seems like the average Canadian can’t get enough of that signature mix of sun and beer that a festival offers. That’s pretty apparent when you take a look at the growing list of beer festivals being organized across Canada, a number that’s skyrocketed in the last decade or so.

It’s easily apparent what the appeal is for event attendees, but what about the organizers and vendors themselves. Well, a beer festival can be awesome for up-and-coming as well as established breweries, not only because of the lucrative sales opportunity but the added bump in exposure as well. The organizers, similarly, stand to make a lot of money on ticket sales. The question is, how do you maximize the revenue potential as these festivals? The answer is (perhaps literally) right under your nose: t-shirts.

For organizers of these events, printing custom t shirts in Toronto (or wherever the event is taking place) makes for an added revenue stream, as well as a year-round advertisement for next year’s event. Think of the beer festival t-shirt like a band’s tour t-shirt – people want to commemorate their experience at the event, and show their satisfaction. Selling t-shirts at a merchandise booth can even help fund next year’s event. Also, offering potential sponsors a spot on the shirt can help sweeten the deal, making funding the event easier.

For vendors (read: breweries), the benefits are similar. Oftentimes, the booths populating a craft beer festival are local and up-and-coming breweries, looking to engage with their community. By selling custom t shirts – aiming to make a modest profit, but offering them for a reasonable price, so as to incentivize people to buy one – breweries get their name out there, with a little extra cash to go toward the business. It’s a win-win. Beer t-shirts are no longer simply the staple of college students; a lot of people want to support their local breweries, as well as show off (what we’re sure is) your cool design and logo. Just send your design over to R&P Prints and we’ll give you quality t-shirts for a great price, with a quick turnaround time.

Finally, custom t-shirts should be ordered by event organizers for the event staff. Events are hectic, with different groups (ticket takers, chip sellers, clean up crew, etc.) trying to coordinate with one another. Having event staff wear branded, brightly coloured t-shirts can help the event run smoothly and effectively. Also, it helps event-goers easily identify staff, if they have an inquiry or in case of an emergency. Get on ordering your custom t-shirts right away – we do custom t shirts in Ottawa and all across Canada.

Some might try and convince you that the best pairing for a beer is a wedge of citrus, or a bowl of potato chips, but don’t listen to them – t-shirts are the best accompaniment for a beer. (Well, okay, we concede that potato chips are pretty good too!). T-shirts help the event run smoother; they offer organizers and brewers an opportunity to add a revenue stream; and they provide breweries with great exposure. Come visit our website today or drop us a line so we can chat about your order. Cheers!

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