Fashion Trends 2017 Spring: Raglan Style T-Shirts

Fashion Trend 2017 Spring and Summer: Raglan Style T-Shirts Say WHAT? You heard it here first blog followers! Raglan T-shirts—also known as baseball style T-shirts—are both designer and customer favorites this season. You’ll recognize the raglan by its typically contrasting color sleeve and by the way raglan T-shirts are sewn, with diagonal seams that extend
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Custom Foil Prints

Custom Foil Prints

As a custom garment designer a large part of the battle is getting people to notice your designs.   You can’t get people to buy your custom clothing without them being aware of it first!  So how do you increase the visibility of your designs?  How can you grab their attention amongst all of the other visual distractions in our modern world?  You can do it with custom foil prints!  Custom foil printing lets you capture light and bounce it back into the viewer’s eyes, which is sure to get them to notice.  Even a moment’s glance onto your custom clothing can be enough to draw them in for the sale.

Custom Foil Prints

Who can deny that custom foil prints are gorgeous?  Even a simple and subtle addition of foil in your custom designs can push them to the next level.  Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we offer foil printing that can be mixed with regular screen printing to bring in the best of both worlds.  You know the phrase that states “all that glitters is not gold”?  Well here at AMBRO Manufacturing that’s true because we have tons of foil options that will sparkle the whole spectrum of colors!  We even have specialty foils that have prints, patterns, and holographic shimmer!

So how can you get in on the action and create some of your own custom foil prints?  That part is easy because all you need to do is reach out to one of our representatives and we can guide you from there.  All of our printing is done in-house which means we can oversee all aspects of production from beginning to end for superior quality control.  You can contact us to place an order for custom foil prints, or to find out more about us, by email or by giving us a call at (908) 806-8337.




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Custom Foil Prints

Custom Foil Prints

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Jessica Gengenbach Awarded Internship

BFA student Jessica Gengenbach has received an internship at Art Farm in Nebraska. Art Farm’s program for interns offers farmhouse accommodation and a small work space to pursue their artwork. In addition to her studio time Jessica will contribute weekly time to help renovate and maintain Art Farm’s buildings and grounds and assist the resident artists.

She will intern August 1st through September 1st. Congratulations Jessica!

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Featured Friday – Get Personalized + Giveaway

Based in Jacksonville, Alabama, Get Personalized was established in 1989 to serve the Jacksonville State University campus. Over the years they have grown to serve Greek chapters across the country.  An officially licensed vendor, Get Personalized specializes in letter shirts of all kinds, hats, jackets, decals, buttons, screen printing, and packets for Big/Lil, recruitment, and any other special occasion. Individual and group orders are always welcome!  All items can be shipped anywhere in the US and bulk pricing is available. Give them a call at 256-782-1122 or email them at  You may also message them at or on Instagram @getpersonalized. 

Today Get Personalized is giving away this Alpha Xi Delta prize pack on our Instagram

Get Personalized is an official licensed Alpha Xi Delta vendor. Finding licensed vendors for any product is easy. Just look for the Greek Licensed Product logo (above) in stores or visit to see a list of all licensed vendors in your area. Want to know more about the licensed vendor program? Click here for a list of frequently asked questions.

FindGreek, the new iPhone and Android app, is customized to Alpha Xi Delta and shows the best and most unique licensed products on the market. The app is easy to use, with many features such as collecting, liking, sharing that make it easier than ever to buy your favorite Alpha Xi Delta products. To download the iPhone or Android version of the FindGreek app click here.

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