School Supplies – Art supplies

I love back to school supply sales.

I love buying note books, markers, glue and gadgets for art making.

school supplies for art making

Here are some of the school supplies that I stock up on at this time of year and what I use them for:

  1. Composition  notebooks – daily journalling
  2. Erasers of all sizes – carving into small relief blocks
  3. Page protectors – storing stencils and surface for drying stencils with wet glue
  4. Plastic binder folders – stencils to use for screen printing
  5. Pencil head erasers – stamping circle and soft erasing
  6. Copy paper – practice prints, newsprint pickups, and sketching
  7. Big glue sticks – collage and piecing together prints
  8. Crayola Markers – quick color sketches
  9. Sticky notes – tiny sketches, to do lists and labels for sorting prints
  10. Index cardsprinting on, idea sorting, sketching
  11. Push pinspiercing sewing holes in handmade books, hanging work to be admired.
  12. Little scissors – cutting little things
  13. Bull Clips – hanging art work and inspiration, holding pages together while making books
  14. Pencil sharpeners – for nice sharp points
  15. Manilla file foldersmaking stencils, organizing stencils and prints.

If it is back to school sale time where you live, you might want to get some good deals on some “art” supplies.

Looking for a bit of ART SCHOOL?

Join us in this session of Soft Plate Relief Printing. Class starts August 7th, 2017 READ the details here.


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